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  • Edwards PatientConnect Program Consent Terms & Conditions: I understand that the Edwards PatientConnect program does not offer medical advice and is not intended to replace my or my loved one’s relationship with our doctor(s), whom we will contact if we have any questions related to medical care and treatment.
    I hereby consent to participate in the Edwards PatientConnect program, which I understand is sponsored by Edwards Lifesciences. I authorize Edwards Lifesciences LLC, its affiliates, and agents/contractors ("Edwards Partners") to use, access, disclose, and transfer my personal information to provide me with the requested support, resources, informational and marketing materials via text, email, direct mail, telephone, and/or video chat ("Services").
    I also understand that Edwards and/or Edwards Partners may de-identify my personal information and use or disclose the de-identified data to help improve, develop, and evaluate products, services, materials, programs, and treatments related to aortic stenosis, as well as for health economic outcomes research, market research, or any other purpose permitted by law.
    Edwards and Edwards Partners may not sell or rent my personal information or otherwise use my personal information for any purpose not authorized above without additional consent from me.
    I understand that this Consent to Participate is voluntary and will expire in, at most, 6 years, unless I cancel it sooner. I may cancel or opt out at any time by calling 1-844-413-2092 or clicking "Unsubscribe" on any Edwards PatientConnect program email.
    I expressly agree to enter into this Consent to Participate in electronic format and my checkmark in the box below is my electronic signature. By signing, I agree to the statements above and that I am currently 18 years of age or older.