Patient stories: Meet patients who conquered their heart valve failure

Millions of Americans have been diagnosed with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis, also known as heart valve failure. Watch these videos as patients describe their journeys through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, and how they conquered their heart valve failure.

Getting back to life after TAVR

Retired Navy physician returns to his humanitarian work soon after TAVR

After retiring from the US Navy, Dr. T.G. Patel dedicated himself to public health projects in rural India. When the time came to replace his aortic valve, he chose TAVR to help enable him to return to his humanitarian work as quickly as possible.


Suzanne continues to make the most of life after TAVR

Suzanne was alarmed when her aortic stenosis, the most common type of heart valve disease, progressed rapidly. Suzanne was grateful that TAVR was an option, so she could continue to make the most of life and all of the adventures she had planned.


Musical genius returns to living independently

After TAVR, musical genius Al Rando, blind since infancy, was able to return to living independently and delighting audiences with his keyboard playing.


Former police chief got his life back after TAVR

Chief Tate got the TAVR procedure he needed just in time and he was able to return back to doing the things he loved.


The TAVR journey

TAVR patient experience

Two different patients experience the TAVR journey.


Grandpa's TAVR journey

David (aka "Grandpa") and his family share their perspectives on his TAVR treatment journey from diagnosis through recovery.


TAVR patients giving back

Gladys helps her community while waiting for TAVR during the pandemic

Gladys found her purpose helping her community during the pandemic, even as she was dealing with her own health issues due to delays in treating her heart valve failure. Gladys was ultimately able to get her valve fixed, undergo knee replacement, and get back to her active life and helping others.


Bob, the honorary mayor of Frog Town, gives back during pandemic

Bob gave back to his community while he waited for his TAVR procedure to be scheduled during the COVID pandemic.


Heart valve disease and treatment videos

Learn more about your options

What is heart valve disease?

Explore the basics of aortic stenosis, the most common type of heart valve disease, and how the disease progresses. Learn about its causes, how it is diagnosed, and the various treatment options that are available.


TAVR procedural animation

TAVR is a less invasive alternative to replace a diseased aortic heart valve through an incision in your leg. Watch this video to see how the TAVR procedure is performed.