Can my aortic stenosis worsen with time?

Yes, your aortic stenosis may become worse with time.

Aortic stenosis typically occurs in 3 stages: mild, moderate and severe.1

These stages are defined by how damaged your aortic valve is.

Ask your doctor at every appointment to listen to your heart to find out which stage your aortic stenosis is at.


  • Minor damage to your aortic valve
  • Consult your doctor on how to slow your aortic valve damage
  • Go for regular health check-ups


  • Moderate damage to your aortic valve
  • May rapidly progress to ‘severe’
  • Consult a cardiologist if your symptoms worsen


  • Severe damage to your aortic valve
  • Life-threatening condition requiring immediate action
  • Discuss treatment options with your cardiologist immediately

Aortic stenosis doesn't wait, neither should you.
Visit your doctor for a heart health check today.

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1. American Heart Association. Managing Aortic Stenosis Symptoms. Accessed 26 October, 2023.