Patient Stories

Thousands of Australians are treated yearly for their severe aortic stenosis. Watch these videos as patients describe their journeys through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, and how they conquered their severe aortic stenosis

margaret video

Margaret’s aortic stenosis story

85 year-old Margaret shares her aortic stenosis journey and how fortunate she feels now she is back to normal life.

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Valma video

Valma shares the importance of getting your heart checked.

As an active 76 year-old Valma was shocked she was not able to do the things she always could. She soon discovered she had aortic stenosis.

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miltons video

Milton’s aortic stenosis journey

60-year old father of 4, Milton, had no energy and was making excuses for the gradual loss of his active lifestyle. Once he was diagnosed with aortic stenosis, he had a surgical valve replacement and now is back to being the life and soul of the party.

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chris video

Chris is back in the gym following his treatment

In 2010, 60-year-old Chris was starting to feel old and had trouble breathing at work when he was told he had aortic stenosis. His wife's piece of advice is to go get your heart checked.

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david video

Hear how David and his family managed his Aortic Stenosis

Meet 80-year-David who started experiencing shortness of breath. Here is his story.

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cliff video

Retired engineer Cliff tells his aortic stenosis journey

Cliff was an active retiree until he started feeling the effects of Aortic Stenosis.

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pat video

Pat was referred to his cardiologist for Heart Failure when they found his aortic stenosis

Pat was diagnosed with aortic stenosis, see how his life changed after his valve replacement.

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geoff video

Geoff is back making life plans after his aortic stenosis treatment.

Geoff had chest pains walking his dog to the other side of the street. Now that he has been treated for his aortic stenosis, he is back making holiday plans.

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