Open heart Surgery or TAVI

Open heart surgery and TAVI are both standard treatments for aortic stenosis.1

Open heart surgery is an invasive procedure and can lead to serious complications.2

TAVI is a less invasive alternative to surgery.3

It is available to all patients with severe aortic stenosis, including those who are advised to not undergo surgery.4

See here for more details on both procedures.

valve replacement
heart surgery
TAVI Surgical aortic valve replacement
What happens in the procedure? New valve is placed within the old valve1 New valve completely replaces the diseased valve1
How is this done? Small incision, typically on the upper leg1 An incision is made on the chest to access the heart1
How long does it take? 1-2 hours4 2-4 hours5
What do I need to do before the procedure? Check with your doctor is you need to stop taking any modifications or modify your diet
Will I be sedated? Local anaesthesia in most cases1,4 General anaesthesia2
When can I start normal activities after the procedure? 2-4 weeks4 2-3 months2

What happens during the TAVI procedure

Your TAVI procedure will be performed in an operating room at a hospital.

  • You will be injected with a suitable sedative to prevent any pain during the procedure.1,3
  • You may be given medications to prevent blood clots or reduce the risk of infection.5

How is TAVI done?1


A small incision will be made on your upper leg* to insert a thin tube which can reach your heart.

*TAVI can be performed through other approaches as well.


The new valve will be placed inside the tube with an expandable balloon at the end (balloon-expandable valve), and pushed towards your aortic valve.

new valve

Once the tube reaches your aortic valve, the balloon will be expanded and the new valve will be put into place.


Your doctor will make sure your new valve is working properly before closing the incision on your leg.

Watch this video to learn more about TAVI

Learn more about recovery after TAVI

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